Rising prices of veges


According to Hatton vegetable vendors, prices of all upcountry and lowland vegetables have risen in the local market.

The traders lamented that vegetable prices are rapidly rising due to the inability of farmers to meet their demand.

A kilo of tomatoes costs Rs 800, carrots Rs. 400, capsicum Rs. 400, brinjals Rs. 450, potatoes, leeks, beetroot, and cabbage
Rs. 300 each and chillies Rs.600.

Traders say the prices of low country vegetables have also gone up and a kilo of the said vegetables are being sold at a higher price of Rs. 400.

Chairman, All Ceylon special Economic Centres Aruna Shantha Hettiarachchi said that the main reason for the decline in the yield of vegetable cultivation was the lack of chemical fertilisers, pesticides and agrochemicals.

Hettiarachchi further said the ‘vegetable’ farmers had stockpiled chemical fertilisers, pesticides and agrochemicals during the last season and now the vegetable cultivation has been severely affected due to the depletion of those stocks.

BY Neeta Pathma Kumari – Norwood