Non-essential public employees asked to stay home


Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe requested non-essential public sector employees not to report for duty today (20), in a bid to conserve the country’s limited fuel supplies.

Speaking in Parliament, the PM said, it would help manage fuel stocks for the time being.

He explained to the House that sufficient stocks of diesel and petrol have been secured which will last till mid-June.

However, he stressed that the queues for fuel will not completely disperse, but will  reduce. Furthermore, he warned that there could be a food shortage in the coming months.  “The situation could get worse. The entire world is facing a food crisis. International organisations have allocated funds to assist countries that could be severely affected. One of the countries is
Sri Lanka. Afghanistan is also on the list,” he noted.  Moreover, the PM said that new Cabinet ministers will not get salaries.

Wickremesinghe separately added that the reported orders to shoot on sight had not been officially conveyed to the Security Forces during the unrest. He explained that all Security Forces have been instructed to follow standard procedure.

By Methmalie Dissanayake