Nepali youth completes Jaffna to Dondara trek


A young Nepali national has walked the length of Sri Lanka for nearly a month. The march began on 20 April at Jaffna Fort and ended on 17 May at the lighthouse at Dondra Point.

The 39-year-old Nepali Ishaq Badur, travelled alone, spending the night at various religious sites and temples. He also devoted a significant amount of time to photograph each location he visited on foot. When asked about his march, he described Sri Lanka as ‘beautiful.’

“I planned to hike all over Sri Lanka to experience the beauty of this place. This country’s people are extremely generous. I have visited numerous countries. However, this is a new experience. As a result, I would like to inform Nepalese citizens as well as tourists from all over the world about the beauty of Sri Lanka”.

By Udaya Kumara Ranaweera – Matara