JVP demands clarification from IGP


The Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP), while claiming that there is a sinister move to frame the Party as being behind the recent violence, has demanded a clarification from IGP C.D. Wickramaratne, on an alleged disclosure by the latter, to an SLPP MP, that the majority of those arrested on charges of assault, arson, looting and causing damage to properties of politicians, following the attack on peaceful protestors at GotagoGama on 9 May, were members of JVP.

JVP Propaganda Secretary Vijitha Herath, in a letter to the IGP yesterday (19) has requested an immediate meeting with him to clarify these ‘false claims’.

SLPP MP Arundika Fernando recently in Parliament said that he had contacted the IGP at the time of the unfortunate incident and the IGP had told him that out of the 450 people arrested in connection with the violence, 150 were members of the JVP.

“In the absence of a formal investigation to find out the political background of these detainees and lack of any evidence or basis, the statement made by the IGP that 150 are members of the JVP is of serious concern. We strongly state that this false and biased statement is part of the Government’s ploy to bring discredit to and put the whole blame on the JVP for the acts of violence.”

The letter stated, “As the IGP, we expect a prompt response and explanation from you as this false and unfair accusation against our Party, which always stands to defend democracy, needs to be cleared forthwith.”

Elaborating further the statement read,“…if had you provided such information to MP Arundika Fernando, we would like to know whether you have made a special identification of the political affiliations of those arrested  and accordingly take action to place before the country your classification of the political affiliations of all those arrested.”

Meanwhile, addressing the media yesterday (19), at JVP Headquarters, General Secretary of JVP Tilvin Silva said the Government should take full responsibility for the escalation of violence on 9 May. Vehemently criticising the turn of events, he said that blaming it on the JVP is a conspiracy  of the Government.

“We see a political danger in launching a planned attack, escalating it into violence, controlling it, neither acting swiftly nor arresting at the heat of the moment; and now preparing  lists, expressing wrong opinions and on a witch hunt  of JVP activists,” he said.

BY Aloka Kasturiarachchi