Abeywardena urges public to be patient


UNP Chairman Vajira Abeywardena said yesterday (19), that Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has taken necessary steps to ensure continued access to fuel, gas, medicines, essential commodities and other commodities. As a result, people must be patient for a while until the situation returns to normalcy.

Addressing the Media in Colombo regarding Sri Lanka’s prevailing crisis, Abeywardena claimed that protests and demonstrations, as well as anti-democratic activities are futile and will push ordinary people further down the precipice.

He said, that Premier Wickremesinghe has made every effort to resolve the economic crisis and has received support and assistance from friendly nations. “Every faction must rally behind him and work together to ensure the success of his endeavours.

In order to address the country’s current economic crisis, an efficient and effective programme has already been implemented. The Prime Minister’s and our goal is to make this programme a success to save the people from this tragic situation. Prime Minister Wickremesinghe has prioritised the provision of gas, fuel, medicines, and other essential commodities among his future programmes to end the current queue culture. A number of steps have been taken so far to achieve this goal which cannot be accomplished in two or three days”.

He said that nothing had been accomplished in the past two years. “The Prime Minister has taken over a treasury without currency notes, US dollars, foreign reserves and enough money to pay off the salaries of state sector employees. Therefore he has taken steps to fill the Treasury and to resolve the problems of people.

After Prime Minister Wickremesinghe assumed duty, as experienced politicians we have come forward to shoulder him to rescue the country from this tragic situation without taking any privileges or benefits. We will volunteer to implement the development and relief programmes with dedication, taking the prosperous future of this country into consideration,” Abeywardena added.

By Naalir Jamaldeen