30-40 drugs in short supply – Dr. Wijesuriya


Deputy Director General (DDG) and Director, Lady Ridgeway Hospital, Dr. G. Wijesuriya said at least 30-40 drug types are in short supply even at the Lady Ridgeway Hospital for Children (LRH).

Speaking to the media yesterday (19),  he said with over 2000 medicines and over 6000 surgical consumables in use in State hospitals, several of them, including LRH were experiencing shortages.

Nearly 85 percent of medicines, consumables, surgical devices, and reagents are imported. He did, however, vow that LRH would not disappoint or turn away its young patients. The DDG assured patients that it was continuing to treat all of its patients. “We have not turned them back because of the current shortage of medicine, surgical consumables, or drugs. As a result, no operations have been rescheduled,” he said.

BY Dilanthi Jayamanne