Lanka IOC confirms list shared online is fake


A fake document was being circulated on social media yesterday (18), instructing people to call the numbers listed and register to receive text messages once fuel stocks arrive at the fuel stations. It was later revealed that some of the numbers belonged to Inter University Students’ Federation (IUSF) members.

Lanka IOC taking to twitter categorically denied the message and clarified that it was fake.

When contacted, Lanka IOC’s General Manager Manoj Guptha said they did not receive any official complaint but inquired into posts shared online,with the help of Twitter handles and confirmed that it was fake news.

Some of the listed numbers did not work, while others belonged to IUSF members.

“This is yet another treacherous act. That is a fake letter prepared by Government henchmen using our district organisers’ phone numbers to sabotage the 19 May protests,” said an IUSF member.

By Kanchana Kolagolla