Expect bread lines soon – ACBOA


The All Ceylon Bakery Owners Associations (ACBOA) warned that there will be queues for bread and breakfast items owing to the fuel shortage and demanded the Government to provide fuel to bakeries as a remedy to the issue.

ACBOA President N.K. Jayawardene said the sudden increase in the price of wheat flour by Rs 35 on 17 May has left them unable to continue business.  “Major wheat flour companies have raised wheat flour prices by Rs 35 per kg. The sudden increase in the price of wheat flour is unusual, and no one is looking into these matters. This country is now in a state where there is no active government. As a result, as bakery owners, we are considering whether to close our bakeries or expand our confectionery offerings,” he lamented.

He also said that the price of 50 kg flour is approximately Rs 12,000; a threefold increase.  Jayawardana lamented that the fuel scarcity has worsened to the point where small business owners who rely on ‘Choon paan’ are also affected and many are forced to close their doors.

By Nabiya Vaffoor