Thonigala Rock inscriptions return to viewing


The removal of the clay cover of the historic Thonigala Rock Inscriptions took place amidst the chanting of Pirith on 16 May.

During the country’s protracted civil war, the famed Thonigala Rock Inscriptions had been covered with clay for its safety. It is located at the 6th Mile Post on the Vavuniya-Horowapathana and is said to describe a banking system that existed in the 4th Century.  During the war as the inscriptions could be damaged due to mortar attacks the Archeological Department with the support of the security forces covered the inscriptions with clay to safeguard the inscriptions.

After a lapse of 30 years, measures had been taken to get rid of the clay cover and place the inscription back for viewing.

The clay cover removal was presided over by officials of the Archeological Department and security forces personnel in the North.

BY Rasadi Gamage – Vavuniya