State land acquired via fake deed


Ukuwela PS member Jayampathy Etipola claims that a land, coming under the purview of the Ukuwela PS and belonging to the State, had been acquired illegally through a fake deed.

He said these allegations had been made via a letter that had been submitted to the Ukuwela PS by villagers of Ukuwela.

According to Etipola, the State land that had been unlawfully acquired over 40 years ago and is worth millions of rupees.

He made these revelations during the monthly sessions of the Ukuwela PS which had been chaired by D. W. M. Chethiyaratne of the UPFA.

At the end of the sessions, the PS decided to form a Committee to look into the allegations highlighted by Etipola.

BY Priyantha Polwatta – Ukuwela