Sritharan sees opportunity to develop N&E


An interim government is a timely measure to rebuild the economy, including the development of the Northern and Eastern Provinces, Tamil National Alliance (TNA) MP S. Sritharan said.

Speaking at a media briefing in Kilinochchi, he said the Northern and Eastern Provinces can be developed with the assistance of the Tamil community abroad. There can be increased foreign investment in Sri Lankan industries and we also have alternative plans to make changes in the provinces, he said

“People in the Northern and Eastern Provinces have been economically disadvantaged for more than 30 years. They did not have a proper working environment and knew nothing about electricity. In addition, the people were economically oppressed and no industries were established in the areas. The Sri Lankan government had not implemented anything and had avoided doing so by blaming the conflict situation. Furthermore, by listening to the Sri Lankan government’s lies, international countries have not undertaken any development activities in the Northern and Eastern Provinces,” Sritharan claimed.

He went on to say that following the war, many international countries gave the Sri Lankan government a large sum of money to develop the North and East.

“The funds were, however, used by the Government to build highways and develop the southern provinces. At the same time, we will take measures to prevent land encroachment by the Department of Wildlife in Northern and Eastern Provinces”.

By Eunice Ruth