Shrimp fingerlings released into five reservoirs


The Kegalle District Aquaculture Extension Office released 85,000 freshwater shrimp fingerlings, this year, into five reservoirs in the Kegalle District to improve people’s nutritional status.

The office states that the fingerlings have been released to the Ambadeniya Reservoir in the Mawanella Divisional Secretariat Division, the Ambuwangala Reservoir in the Rambukkana DS Division, the Doranuwa Reservoir in the Ruwanwella DS Division and the Uruladagoniya Reservoir in the Galigamuwa DS Division.

The Ministry of Fisheries has spent around Rs 130,000 on these fingerlings, which can be harvested in about a year.

These reservoirs are managed by Fisheries Sub-Committees established by Farmer Associations in the reservoir areas, with oversight provided by the Kegalle District Aquaculture Extension Office.

BY A. Narasinghe – Udugoda