Quick delivery of kerosene need of the hour


As mother Lanka is gearing up to be ruled by a new Government, with the seasoned politician Ranil Wickremesinghe as the Prime Minister, it is apt and relevant to point out that the urgent need of the hour of this nation is the quick uninterrupted supply of fuel, particularly kerosene as gas has become as scarce as a hen’s teeth in this beloved isle. Really, the availability of gas is a distant dream as people wait for hours and hours to get it delivered but go home empty handed and disappointed. There are long and unending queues everywhere for getting diesel, petrol, kerosene and gas. You can get the first three after waiting in a queue for an hour, two or three etc. depending on the arrival of the fuel bowser from Colombo. But a large number of people have no access to gas as it is conspicuously scarce.

Waiting at Pumps

Today people of different walks of life spend much time at the pumps to get the fuel to run their vehicles or keep the home fires burning. There is a real struggle as queues get formed very early in the morning. Sadly, some pumps are out of bounds for the motorists and people as they have run out of stock waiting for the next delivery. The rope gets removed once the fuel bowser arrives and completes pumping the petrol, diesel or kerosene into the deposit pits/tanks of the sheds. Normally as the stock is short in supply those who queue up at the latter end of the line are compelled to wait for the next bowser. The new Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has hopefully promised that he would do the needful to ensure that the masses would get three square meals a day without fail. The biggest question is how can the food be cooked if gas or kerosene is not easily made available throughout the country without any shortage.

Plight of City Folk

Certainly, firewood is an instant solution as a source of natural and renewable energy for it is comparatively cheap and freely available. How can the city folk, who reside in apartments or slums, use it? A substantial slice of the population of the cities and urban areas live in congested areas. Then, the rich and wealthy who live in luxurious apartments are not allowed to use firewood. How can these dwellers keep their home fires burning?

Need of the Hour Kerosene

One may suggest that the people who live in the city can buy their meals from hotels and restaurants. Firstly, it is out of the question since the price is so exorbitant. Secondly, there are many hotels and eateries that are closed down or temporarily closed for want of fuel. Many hotel owners cannot meet the high rent as business is dull for different reasons. Hence, it is the bounden duty of Ministers and the government officials to find ways and means to make all types of fuel freely available for purchase without joining a long queue. If there is a practical delay in supplying the gas to the market, it is high time that poor man’s fuel, kerosene should be made available across the country. Today, there is a very long queue for obtaining kerosene at every petrol pump. Why shouldn’t the Government take steps to purchase a sufficient amount of kerosene to meet the demand.  A consignment of kerosene of a ship can immediately be ordered so that the consumers throughout the country can havebig relief.

I am sure, the new Prime Minister will have a direct discussion with the President pertaining to this issue and do the needful to see that kerosene is ubiquitous for easy purchase not only at the pumps but also at groceries, shops, shopping malls etc. as delivered prior to the eruption of this economic crunch. 

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By N.U. Abdul Razzak Udayar