Private terminals at Port stable – CASA


The Shipping Agents Association (CASA) said private terminals SAGT and CICT have stabilised work with the support and cooperation of port trade union leaders to restore normalcy in operations and avoid any negative consequences of a prolonged work stoppage.

CASA commends Sri Lanka Port Authority(SLPA) for the terminal operators’ prompt response to the normalisation of operations at the Port of Colombo.

CASA also reaffirmed the normalcy of the Port and said, “At present, we note that all vessels are being berthed and sail as before and inter-terminal transshipment connections are being made and no missed connections are experienced.”

“We would also like to reassure Shipping Lines through our Member Shipping Agents of the fast return to normalcy and assure them of the productivity and turnaround that they are accustomed to in the Colombo Port,” the letter assured.

“Since the resumption, all the container berths have been full and as they completed succeeding vessels took their positions. Navigational movements were carried out even during the adverse weather which prevailed to catch up with the lost time,” the letter further observed whilst assuring the CASA’s full support to the Port of Colombo in maintaining its critical role as a regional transshipment hub. SLPA Chairman, Dr Prasantha Jayamanna was commended for operations.

By Sulochana Ramiah Mohan