Fish prices skyrocket


Due to the diesel shortage and bad weather, fishermen have been unable to go out to sea, resulting in a significantly reduced fish harvest and a fish shortage in the market, Chairman of the Galle Fisheries Harbour Committee, P. B. Gamini said.

Fishermen have been unable to set sail since the 5 and 6 May due to diesel and gas shortages, as well as the cyclone situation.

He said the price of fish has increased and fishermen who had come ashore were unable to go back due to the diesel shortage.

Meanwhile, the wholesale price of Linna is Rs 650 per kilo, Balaya is Rs 750 per kilo and Kelawala is Rs 900 per kilo.

Galle Fisheries Harbour Manager, Chathuranga  Adhikaram said about 300 fishing vessels were stranded at the Galle Fisheries Harbour due to diesel problem. The Galle Fisheries Harbour receives 6,600 litres of diesel per day, which is sufficient only for two vessels.

BY Kamal Wijehewa – Galle