Dozen arrested in Eravur over 10 May violence


The Eravur Police yesterday (17) arrested 12 people suspected of being involved in mob violence that erupted in Eravur town in the Batticaloa District on 10 May night following the attack on GotaGoGama and MynaGoGama protesters in Galle Face Green, Colombo on 9 May.

Eravur Police said they have launched a manhunt to apprehend the remaining suspects.

The Police also said they have video footage of the prime suspect loudly inviting his colleagues in the manner of inciting violence, and that every arrest was made after examining footage recorded on the day of the incident.

Three garment factories in Eravur were damaged while a building was set ablaze where the office of former State Minister Naseer Ahamed was situated. Ahamed’s brother’s house and a restaurant owned by the sibling in Eravuar were also burned, Police added.

By Naalir Jamaldeen