542 turtle hatchlings released


At least 542 turtle hatchlings from 752 turtle eggs conserved in various parts of the island under the Coastguard Turtle Conservation Project (CGTCP) were released into the sea recently, Sri Lanka Coastguard (SLCG) said.

This caught the eye of many foreigners and civilians in the area. CGTCP takes every effort to conserve turtle eggs in or around their natural nesting places to ensure safety and natural habitat and only conserves them in protected areas when they are threatened, it said.

As of today, SLCG has released 8,009 turtle hatchlings into the sea, this year alone and is further conserving 8,293 turtle eggs in hatcheries and nests close to the SLCG life saving posts/ establishments as a part of the duties and functions of the SLCG to assist in the conservation of endangered marine species, SLCG further said.