SL HC in New Delhi celebrates Vesak


Vesak celebrations were held at the Sri Lanka High Commission in New Delhi, India on Vesak Full Moon Poya Day, Sunday 15 May, with alms offered to the resident monks of the New Delhi Buddhist Vihara following a Bodhi Puja and Vesak Dhamma Deshana organised by the High Commission staff.

Dana was offered to Most Ven. Pelawatte Seewali Nayaka Thero, General Secretary of the Maha Boddhi Society of India, and Polonnaruwe Seelawansa Nayake Thero of the new Dehli Viharaya and other members of the clergy. Twenty-one Indian Buddhists, who observed sill were also offered alms on this special occasion.  Pahan Puja (offering of light to Buddha) was inaugurated by High Commissioner Milinda Moragoda, at the High Commission, and oil lamps, colourful lanterns were arranged for illumination by the staff. A Dhamma Session was held after the Puja ceremony conducted by Ven. Mahawatte Subodha Thero is a Doctoral student at the Delhi University in India.