Litro Chair highlights 3.5M gas cylinder shortage


Currently, there is a 3.5 million domestic LP Gas cylinder shortage in the market, Chairman of Litro Gas Lanka Eng. Vijitha Herath said.

He noted that queuing will end once the shortage is cut in half. He said that a shipment of 37,000 MT of gas will be released tomorrow (18), with the next shipment arriving in Sri Lanka on 19 May.

Herath assured that once the shipment is released, approximately 80,000 gas cylinders can be issued to the market per day.

He also said that a payment of USD 7 million will be made today (17) for the shipment arriving on 19 May.

Litro Gas Lanka will also make a payment of USD 7 million for another shipment on 20 May.

When asked if the Finance Ministry had made the fund allocation for the shipments’ release, he said that they would be released using funds obtained through a loan.

BY Thameenah Razeek