Kegalle District Secretariat seeks donors


District Secretary Kegalle Mahinda S. Weerasooriya invited donors to donate drugs and other medical supplies to remedy the disruption to routine clinical service in Kegalle.

He said while there are enough drugs for treatment in the hospital, there is a shortage of certain medicines for clinical service. A special meeting was held at the District Secretariat to inquire into the maintenance of law and order in the Kegalle District and to ensure that the lives of the people are not affected.

He said the recent violence has largely subsided and that all precautions should be taken to ensure that people’s lives are not disrupted.

Discussions were held with the heads of the relevant institutions regarding the distribution of fuel required to maintain essential services in the district, the problems that have arisen with interruptions to electricity and water supplies, and the measures that could be taken to address and resolve them.

The emphasis was on the measures needed to keep the district’s hospital system running smoothly.

Although the district’s security situation appears to be satisfactory at present, the possibility of making it more secure by activating local and village security committees was also discussed at this meeting.

The security forces emphasised the importance of not resorting to violence with special reference to emergency and curfew.

BY Bandara Pahalawaththe – Kegalle