JJB bemoans lack of action


JJB MP Vijitha Herath said, even after a week, legal action has not been initiated against the perpetrators of the State -sponsored attack on peaceful protesters, adding that those who had defended themselves had been unfairly arrested.

He said, while Police has stated that over 230 have been arrested it is noted that only a Moratuwa Municipal Council employee had been arrested in this regard.

Elaborating further he said, failure of the Police to control the tense and unruly situation was evident by video footages adding that the violent mob was allowed to attack innocent protesters according to their own volition; obviously a part  of an organised plan and upon the orders of the Defence Secretary.

“The Defence Ministry Secretary is feigning ignorance while it was his inaction that led to the deadly clashes,” he added.

He observed that the Government is on a witch-hunt of those who have democratically expressed their displeasure and dissatisfaction over the Government instead of apprehending those who had resorted to violence.

Herath thereby called on the IGP and the Government to carry out an independent investigation into the incident without harbouring the perpetrators.

BY Faadhila Thassim