Islandwide protests against indiscriminate arrest of youth – Kumudesh


Islandwide protests would be held demanding an immediate halt to the arrest and interrogation of the public, who had only retaliated in the face of attacks by SLPP thugs on unarmed protesters at Galle Face and Outside Temple Trees last Monday (9), Convener for the trade union Coordinating Centre (TUCC), Ravi Kumudesh said.

Kumudesh yesterday (16) said countrywide protests would be held tomorrow (18) till Friday (20). “The Government is now imprisoning the youth who were beaten up and giving ministerial appointments to thugs who attacked them,” he accused.

Ranil Wickremesinghe was appointed Prime Minister as a result of the ‘compassionate struggle’ by the people and therefore it is his responsibility to protect it. But the Premier has made it his policy to arrest the youth who have come forward on behalf of the masses in protest, while protecting the SLPP thugs and those of the likes of former Premier Mahinda Rajapaksa who instigated and planned the brutal attack on unarmed protesters outside his official residence and at Galle Face last week, he alleged.  Kumudesh alleged that there was doubt whether Wickremesinghe had come to power under the patronage of the Rajapaksas’, and therefore had an agreement to protect them. The Premier and the leadership of this country would have to take full responsibility should any accident or loss of life of any of these unarmed protesters take place when arresting or interrogating them, he added.  The TUCC warned they would march to where the Prime Minister was if they had to and force him to immediately terminate the arrests and interrogations should their demand go unheeded.

By Dilanthi Jayamanne