NCE lauds Customs return to work


The National Chamber of Exporters(NCE) of Sri Lanka wishes to extend a note of appreciation to the Sri Lanka Customs for resuming duties, in support of the general public of the country. The decision by the Customs Trade Union to call off the strike during this ruinous condition is praiseworthy.

There is a severe shortage of essential food, fuel and medicine, affecting all walks of life and it is a great relief, that resuming operations at the Sri Lanka Customs will lessen the impact on society to a certain extent. Moreover, exports are vital, as it is the only sector currently bringing the much needed foreign currency to the country, without which the country will further plummet economically. The support by the Sri Lanka Customs, as the main stakeholder to provide uninterrupted service to exporters, at this juncture is a great course of action.

With the teamwork and energy of employees at Sri Lanka Customs, exporters will be able to operate smoothly and efficiently in continuing exports, the NCE stated.