Invasive plants in waterways wreak havoc


Farmers claim that invasive plants have expanded swiftly near tiny tanks in the Matale District and that Salvinia, Common water hyacinth (Japan Jabara), Yoda Nidikumba (giant touch-me-not) and other plants are also flourishing in reservoirs.

Fishermen claimed that this has had an impact on their fishing efforts. The fishermen said that invasive plants have interrupted net fishing in reservoirs, causing many problems for their industry as well as the farming community.

Farmers often complain about invasive plants moving through the water from the main canals to the plantations, blocking streams and hindering the flow of water.

Demada Oya in the Matale Pallepola Divisional Secretariat, Naula Wewa in the Naul Divisional Secretariat, and Bibila Dan Wehera Wewa in the Wilgamuwa Divisional Secretariat are among the waterways.

Farmers who use water from these reservoirs believe that the authorities should take quick action to eradicate the invasive species found in these reservoirs, such as Japan Jabara and Salvinia.

BY I. A. Kumara – Naula