Tips for Achieving Perfect Hair


 In most parts of Sri Lanka, the temperatures are rising. High humidity can make it worse. Warm weather adds a plethora of challenges to your beauty routine too, and most beauty tips don’t consider a hot and humid climate. Taking care of your hair is more of a challenge in humid climates but if you have the right methods, you can have strong, healthy and beautiful hair. 

Protecting your scalp from heat

Your hair can end up dry, and the frizzy and excessive heat can even cause split ends. Alternatively, your hair could also get over-moisturised from the excessive amount of oil your scalp has to produce to protect your head from the harsh UV rays of the sun. By wearing a hat in the sun or using a sun protectant for your hair, you can make sure your hair is not burned out.

Look for oil-balancing products for the skin and scalp

To combat super greasy hair, using salicylic acid or glycolic acid shampoo can reduce oil secretion in the scalp. For a cheaper/more natural option, apple cider vinegar works well to balance the pH of your scalp as well as deep-cleanse any buildup.  If you have problems with heat rashes or body acne, the same ingredients in a body wash are just as effective.

Adding cooling foods to your diet

Hydrating and cooling from the inside-out also have a direct impact on your skin and hair, as well as an overall effect on the body. Foods that cool your body include raw mango, fennel seeds, coriander seed water, thin buttermilk made from quality yoghurt, sliced cucumbers, coconut water and basil or sabja (basil) seeds.

 Combing in the shower

This is vital if you have frizzy or curly hair, as your hair is most workable when it is wet. Combing while wet prevents unnecessary damage from too much force on the strands, which leads to breakage and split ends. Brushing in the shower is not recommended, so using a wide-tooth comb is the best option. It will slide through strands easily and won’t cause the pulling and tugging that can cause split ends.

Switch up your hair conditioner

Too much humidity can damage the keratin in your hair and also make them frizzy when dehydrated. Condition your hair before & after shampoo. You can also use coconut oil as a hair serum, but just a little bit through the ends. Keeping conditioner in for more than 2 minutes can over-moisturise your hair and make it limp & greasy. Using gentler and non-foaming shampoos is also key.

Hair masks

Hair masks are a great way to boost growth and keep your hair & roots strong. Consider doing one on the weekend and keeping it in for a few hours or overnight. You can either buy hair masks online or you can easily make a hair mask at home using products like coconut oil. Honey, avocado etc. Researching the right ingredients for your hair can give you the perfect personalised combination for your hair masks.

Be gentle when drying your hair

Soft towel scrubbing into your hair is a sure way to cause damage and brittle ends. Opt for a soft towel or an old t-shirt and gently squeeze out excess water. The best method is to let your hair air-dry as often as possible.

Heat styling

Reduce the amount of heat styling on your hair as much as possible. There are many options for heatless curls that you should pick to prevent dry, frizzy hair. all the moisture from your locks is burned out, which is what makes your hair so malleable. This can leave them brittle and split at the ends. Take a break from the blow dryer and air dry your hair, or skip the straightener and embrace your curls!

By Ruelle Sittampalam