Staying Calm During Times of Chaos


 We are passing a time of despair. We are facing one of the gravest political and social instability, turmoil, and distressing times in Sri Lanka. Law and order have been lost, and people are killing each other. The economic crisis has hit the lives of Sri Lankans hard.

People are burning and destroying property and humanity is being severely mocked.

In such times, it is inevitable to feel fear, anxiety, and disappointment. People fear future food shortages, prolonged power cuts, and fuel shortages. Due to the riots, the daily lives of many have been hauled and many are facing obstacles to leading their usual jobs and businesses.

 In such times, it is important to keep your mental health balanced and intact. One must be strong in such times and maintain the sanity of mind to see things clearly and straight.

But when everything around you is hatred, violence, and chaos, when your financial status is weak, when food shortage is going to hit you soon, when you have to spend hours and hours in ques, and when you see no hope and solution in near future, how can you maintain sanity?

It is not easy, but it is essential. You should not let external factors destroy your inner peace. Mental health is important as bad mental health can impact bad physical health. Also, in times of despair and grim like this, it is crucial to maintain straight thinking and to look at things clearly.

 Let me tell you a few steps to do so.

Understanding the reality

It is important to understand the reality. We feel fear and anxiety as we fear the uncertainty and instability of our future. Also, as we expect things to be always perfect and to be living in a utopia, we easily feel disappointed. When we have to miss that fun Friday night out, or when we have to choose not to buy the latest mobile or the latest Gucci bag as we need to invest that money in our daily needs or as these imported products are not available in the local market, we feel frustrated. When there are no essential medicines, no fuel to go to work, and buses and trains are not available due to strikes, we feel annoyed.

Understanding this means, we ought to understand that things always do not go as we want to. Things may get even worse. But what is the point of frustrating yourself?

It is important to understand the reality, accept it and then find solutions. This is not the first-ever time the human race is facing a similar situation. Our race has faced far more dire situations. Courage, helping each other, hard work, and wisdom have helped to overcome hard times.

reparing for food shortages

We are being warned about a food shortage. Now, this is something to be panicked about, but we ought not to. We need to help ourselves. Home gardening is the best solution. Grow vegetables and fruits in your home garden. You don’t need acres of land to do so. Container gardening is the latest gardening trend. Grow anything that you can eat. This has many benefits.

This is medicine for the mind. During times of chaos, gardening will help you greatly to relax and find peace. This is also helpful for your physical health. Producing your own fruits and vegetables will greatly help your family’s economy.

You also contribute towards a greener environment.


Save. Save everything. Save money, save food, save water and save energy. Save every possible thing. Do not throw food; save them and recook and don’t throw food waste as you can make compost and use them in your home garden.

Use as much as little energy. Switch off all unnecessary electrical equipment.

Take very good care of all your possessions as you don’t have to waste money on investing to buy new things.

Invest in a sustainable and self-sufficient lifestyle

When you can, invest in a sustainable plan to install a solar power system at your home or workplace. Sri Lanka is a country that is gifted with unlimited solar power and this will save a great lot of money and energy.

Invest in creating a larger home garden. This will save money, give you organic food and help save the environment.

 Learn to relax

At the end of a hectic day, take time to relax. Understand that there is no point worrying unnecessarily unless you won’t do anything. Life is all about battles and suffering and you ought to give your best fight to survive and win.

While you work hard, take time to declutter and detox your mind. Meditation and yoga are the best way to do so. At the end of the day, sit down, relax your body and calm your mind. Stretch and let go of the stress.

You are a fighter and you should never give up. Remember that you are not alone in this battle and that you are not the only one or the last one who is going through what you are going through now.

By Ama H. Vanniarachchy