President emphasises resilience in Vesak message


In view of the Vesak full moon Poya Day celebrated today (15) President Gotabaya Rajapaksa reiterated the common goal of building a resilient, consensus and religious society based on principles.

In his Vesak message he cited the Dhamma saying, “That deed is well done if one has not to repent for having done it, and if one is delightful and happy with the result of that deed.”

He stressed the importance of resilience in difficult situations.

“At this juncture when the country is in dire straits, all the people’s representatives must work together immediately for a solution on behalf of all citizens,” he said adding that the true goal should be to reach the desired target without deviating from the primary goal.

He urged the public to remain mindful of the current situation and unite around a programme that can deliver a fair determination to all, asserting that this is the Buddhist policy.

“On this noble day of Vesak, I urge you to use the concept of Licchavi for this purpose and to work together to alleviate the crisis,” President stated.