No power cuts on Vesak day


The Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (PUCSL) on Friday (13) announced that power cuts will not be imposed on Vesak full moon Poya Day this Sunday (15).

PUCSL’s Janaka Rathnayake said the thermal power plants, which use diesel and naphtha, have not been in operation in the last two to three days due to the lack of fuel.

“At the moment, a crude oil vessel has arrived in Sri Lanka. However, the Government is yet to find the necessary funds to release the ship for the fuel,” he said.

Speaking further, Rathnayake said that 45 per cent of electrical power over the last few days has been generated by hydropower plants. Commenting on Norochcholai power plant’s breakdown, Rathnayake said the plant is expected to be reconnected to the national grid by 22 May.

He said that there is a possibility of power cuts being reduced as Sri Lanka is expected to receive more rain over the next few weeks.