FSP demands PM arrest Defence Secy


The Frontline Socialist Party (FSP) urged Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe to arrest Secretary to the Defence Ministry Kamal Gunaratne for issuing shooting orders to the tri-forces.

Addressing a media briefing held yesterday (13), said the Education Secretary of FSP, Pubudu Jagoda noted that the Cabinet of Ministers also dissolved after former Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa resigned from his position on 9 May.

“In addition, the secretaries of ministries will cease after the dissolution of Cabinet, which means Kamal Gunaratne cannot act as the Defence Ministry Secretary. Despite the law, he issued the shooting order on 10 May and he was re-appointed on 11 May as the Defence Ministry Secretary. Issuing orders without holding a position is a crime and he needs to be arrested,” he added.

“Meanwhile, the PM of the country is now being selected considering his international relations, as it will help to settle loans. However, settling loans will not resolve the financial crisis in the country and we are expecting to submit our ideas and proposals to resolve the crisis”.

Jagoda further alleged that Wickremesinghe was forced to take the position as the Prime Minister by the High Commission of India and U.S. Embassy in Sri Lanka.

He said that President Gotabaya Rajapaksa should resign from his position before implementing the old or any other new constitution.

“A constitution should be implemented to the country by not only abolishing the executive power of the President, but also adding several other amendments which will give power to the citizens of the country. Meanwhile, an amendment needs to be made for the elections where the amount which is used for election propaganda should be limited for each and every candidate, and after the election, a detailed expenses list should be given to the public,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Samagi Jana Balwegaya has submitted a draft of the 21st Amendment to the Constitution which stipulates that the executive power should fully be given to the Prime Minister. However, it needs to be changed and public opinion needs to be taken regarding the 21st Amendment to the Constitution, Jagoda added.