CEB to suffer Rs. 230B loss if electricity tariff not increased


The Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (PUCSL) says that the Ceylon Electricity Board will incur a loss of approximately Rs. 230 billion if it does not take action to increase electricity tariffs this year.

PUCSL Chairman Janaka Ratnayake said that the revision of electricity tariffs would be decided based on government policies.

“As soon as we are informed of the government’s policy, we will make the necessary arrangements,” he said.

Meanwhile, Ratnayake said that there will be no power cuts tomorrow (15) in view of Vesak Full Moon Poya Day.

He also pointed out that power cuts of 10 to 12 hours are not required for the next few months.


  1. Is Janaka working for the CEB or is an appointed member to PUCSL for Consumer protection. He had been requesting for more money for his maintenance and therefore we know where his interest lie. If CEB is making losses they should control and cut down their expenditure before charging consumers to increase revenue. This is how successful enterprises act. Its time to make a change and send Janaka on his way and appoint a honest person to head PUCSL.

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