CBSL to issue Rs 90B T Bills to pay Rs 83B Maturities


Central  Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL) yesterday (12 May) announced a Treasury (T) Bill auction for Rs 90,000 million for the coming Wednesday (18 May) for the repayment of Rs 83,419 million worth of T Bills owed to the market which has to be settled by the coming Friday (20 May). Settlement of the coming T Bill auction too is on the coming Friday.

The splits of the coming Wednesday’s T Bill auction are 91-day maturities (Rs 50,000 million) and 182-day and 364-day maturities, Rs 20,000 million each.

Meanwhile, the splits of the T Bill maturities which will have to be repaid to the market by the coming Friday are 91-day maturities (Rs 77,485 million), 182-day maturities (Rs 5,757 million) and 364-day maturities (Rs 177 million). T Bill holdings of CBSL which also matures by the coming Friday are unknown as CBSL doesn’t make privy such information. 

By Paneetha Ameresekere