U.S. State Dept condemns attack on protesters


The US State Department yesterday (11) condemned the attacks on peaceful protesters, at the Galle Face, by government supporters on 9 May. They also demanded a “full investigation, arrests and prosecutions of anyone involved.”

The question of mass protests with enraged people engaging in violence following the resignation of Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa in the backdrop of Sri Lanka’s escalating economic crisis was raised by US State Department spokesman Ned Price while speaking to the media.

Price responded that the US Government is closely following the ongoing developments in Sri Lanka, following the Prime Minister’s resignation on 9 May.

“We urge the Government to work quickly to identify and implement solutions to achieve long-term economic stability and address the Sri Lankan people’s discontent over the worsening economic conditions, including power, food, and medicine shortages as well. We condemn violence against peaceful protesters and call for a full investigation, arrests and prosecutions of anyone involved. We are also concerned with the state of emergency declarations which can be used to curb dissent. So we’re continuing to watch this very closely.”