Those in N and E should beware of Govt – TELO


People in the North and East should be cautious of the Government, as it will attack them at any time using the racism trump card, Tamil Eelam Liberation Organization (TELO) Leader, MP Selvam Adaikalanathan said.

Speaking at a Media briefing in Mannar, he said the country and its citizens are currently suffering as a result of the riots started by Rajapaksa supporters on 9 May. “By inciting a riot, the Rajapaksas hope to turn the Sinhala community against the Tamils, and they have made everyone in the country suffer,” he said.

He added that in the past, the Tamil people have faced a lot of struggles and losses in May, and that riots have claimed many lives. “The Government used violence to suppress peaceful protests, and the country’s Tamil community will never forget the month of May. However, everything has changed now, and everyone, including Sinhala and Tamil people, are suffering as a result of the violence in the country,” he further said.

“The Government and the Rajapaksa family have caused a severe economic crisis in the country, which has led to widespread opposition. At the moment, the Sinhalese, who supported the Rajapaksa family, has started chanting the #GotaGoHome slogan,” he said.

“The President must resign and it will help others to find solutions to the economic crisis,” he concluded.  

By Eunice Ruth