PNF submits five proposals to ensure stability


The Professionals’ National Front (PNF) has submitted five proposals to the President, urging him to take immediate steps to stabilise the country without allowing more crises to erupt, endangering Sri Lanka economically and politically.

They said that the President should ensure that whoever is appointed as the new Prime Minister is a politician who can command not only the majority support of the House, but also the confidence of the people and bring the political turmoil to an end.

The PNF noted that the same policy should be adopted when forming the new Cabinet and noted that suitable advisory committees should be appointed to each of those Cabinet Ministries.

They have requested the President to establish a stable Government that would ensure economic and political stability.

The PNF has stressed that the President should not be hasty in reactivating the 19th Amendment to the Constitution in its original form as some of its Articles were highly dangerous and harmful to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country. Hence, they urged the President to reintroduce the 19th Amendment with necessary changes approved by the House if long-lasting political reforms are to be introduced and which could appease the populace here.