Peaceful protest will continue till President goes – IUSF


Convener of the Inter University Student Federation (IUSF), Wasantha Mudalige said that their peaceful protest would continue until the President stepped down, and that this was the most important reason behind their visit to the Galle Face Green. Mudalige told Ceylon Today, yesterday (12), that when the entire country was thrown into a quagmire and they demanded the President’s resignation, he went back and got the people he wanted to run the country.

He stated that the economy is in disarray and that Rajapaksa should not only resign, but also return all public funds. He also stated that all national assets that have been ‘sold’ should be returned to Sri Lanka. He mentioned national assets such as the Trincomalee oil tanks and the West Container Terminal to India.

He claimed that people like Ranil Wickremesinghe, who was defeated and returned through the backdoor, is tipped to be the next Prime Minister because of the leadership, and that he is not the choice people are looking at. “It’s a strategy to bring the Rajapaksas back to Parliament.

“The constitution explains what can be done if a Prime Minister resigns, as well as what should be done if the President resigns.

That’s where we need to focus on,” he said, adding that these leaders are expendable. The Constitution explains what can be done, but it appears that the leadership believes there is no other way to govern the country without him in office. He added that ‘GotaGoGama’ was initiated to remove the President but he seems to be unconcerned. “As long as Gotabaya Rajapaksa remains as the President we will continue with our struggle and in fact will seek more support from the public and make it a strong protest in the coming days,” Mudalige added.

BY Sulochana Ramiah Mohan