Not prepared to protect political dynasty – Harsha


It is better to go home than hold positions in a Government that seeks to protect the power of a family to secure their future and to satisfy certain power-hungry people, SJB MP Dr Harsha de Silva said.

In a Facebook post yesterday (12), de Silva said his aim is to make Sri Lanka a prosperous country some day and there is a golden opportunity at hand.

“The younger generation is breaking the shackles of traditional political slavery. They demand a political culture that is truly patriotic, free from dishonesty, fraud, and corruption and political deals. It is a turning point in our social system. I firmly believe that through this we can turn a new leaf and win. Therefore, I cannot betray this wave of people in accordance with my conscience. I received many requests to become the Finance Minister, but I did not accept it. People are not asking for such a political game,” he added. De Silva further claimed that the President did not agree to make the change that the country really needs.

“I strongly believe that the power bases that the people have rejected need to be shaken up, rather than protecting them. That is why I stand with the people, rejecting positions in an ‘Ahindas’ government that has no programme, no economic vision, and seeks to retain power in a small group. I am not prepared to forego policies for personal gain. The people, irrespective of party affiliation, race or religion, are urging President Gotabaya Rajapaksa to step down and these struggles cannot be covered up by these political deals,” he said.

De Silva further pledged to be a part of the wave that will defeat this “pack of thieves” and liberate the country from political games for a brighter future.

By Nabiya Vaffoor