Kalmunai Mayor complains to Police


The Kalmunai Municipal Council (KMC) has lodged a complaint with the Kalmunai Police against a person, who tried to construct an unauthorised structure, occupying an area of Kalmunai bus stand, in the Ampara District, claiming to be his own property, Kalmunai Mayor Senior Attorney M. A. Rakeeb said.

Mayor Rakeeb added that the Kalmunai Bus Stand, which was renovated with all required facilities, had been vested in the public on 8 May and at this juncture the particular individual was claiming ownership of p that particular stretch of land.

Mayor Rakeeb, who visited the site, held cordial discussions with the particular person and as it ended in failure, he lodged a complaint with Kalmunai Police.

Kalmunai bus stand has been set up on a stretch of State-owned land. The particular individual had showed a deed claiming that the particular stretch of land belonged to him and had argued that he has the authority to carry out construction work there. “We have lodged a complaint with Police to stop the construction works on that land. I trust that the legal authorities will do their duty properly,” the Kalmunai Mayor said.

Individuals attempting to construct unauthorised structures on State-owned lands has become a regukar practice in the recent past. The construction materials brought to the particular place by the said individual have been taken away by the KMC, Mayor Rakeeb added.

(Pic by Farook Shihan)

BY Naalir Jamaldeen