HUTCH awards HARI Prizes to 1st & 2nd week winners


Hutch awarded the prizes to the first and second-week lucky winners of its mega recharge promotion ‘Hutch HARIcane’. 

The promotion which features a grand prize of a Mahindra SUV and weekly prizes of Honda Generators, Rhoda Smart Electric Bikes, Samsung Smartphones & Smart Watches, Airpods and Battery-backed WI-FI Routers, – all of which are given away to the lucky winners over the period of two months.

The HUTCH HARICane programme is FREE for all Hutch customers giving them chances to win some very valuable prizes that could ease their lives at this time. Customers earn the Free chance with every recharge transaction they do. The more recharges they do, the greater the probability of winning.

The HUTCH team expresses their heartiest congratulations to the lucky winners whilst winners expressed much gratitude for conducting such a promotion and giving away such valuable gifts during these very challenging times.