HRCSL summons Intel Chief, SDIG Western Province


Head of State Intelligence Service Major General Suresh Sallay was summoned to the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka (HRCSL) yesterday (12), while SDIG of the Western Province Deshabandu Tennakoon has been summoned today (13) to make statements in regard to the attack on peaceful protesters by Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) supporters.

Previously, HRCSL summoned Commander of Army, General Shavendra Silva and IGP C.D. Wickramaratne on 11 Wednesday to record statements about their failure to provide adequate security during the clash and the failure to uphold the rule of law.

Based on the statements made by Silva and Wickramaratne, HRCSL decided to summon Tennakoon to obtain further statements.

Chairperson of HRCSL, former Supreme Court Judge, Justice Rohini Marasinghe while condemning the attack, observed that the entities responsible to uphold the rule of law had failed to coordinate and that there is a shortcoming in the manner in which the State Intelligence operated.

She further condemned the Police’s inaction to prevent the clash adding that their failure to prepare for this eventuality and curb violence and destruction is a gross failure of public order while noting that an immediate inquiry should be conducted into the incident.

Violence escalated all over the country, after a large number of former Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa’s supporters attacked peaceful protesters at the GotaGoGama protest site at Galle Face in Colombo on 9 Monday killing eight and injuring dozens.

By Faadhila Thassim