Direction Sri Lanka concerned over warning


Direction Sri Lanka, a collective of independent professionals, issuing a statement yesterday (12) expressed grave concern over the announcement made by the Police, over the public address system at the Presidential Secretariat, informing that the Emergency Regulations will be strictly implemented against those who violate curfew.

“Direction Sri Lanka is of the view that the announcement is meant for those who are exercising their constitutional rights demanding the resignation of the President outside the Presidential Secretariat Gate, mostly in the area designated by the Government for such protest,” the statement further read. “In as much as the aforesaid protest has existed for over a month from 9 April 2022 without hindrance save for the unlawful attack mounted against the protestors on 9 May 2022 by some unruly elements, the protesters must be allowed to exercise their constitutional rights to the freedoms of expression, assembly and movement. Direction Sri Lanka also views with concern the inhuman attempts made by certain elements to end the protest by cutting off food supply to the protesters, which it strongly condemns.  In this respect, Direction Sri Lanka reiterates its call to all authorities to act with restraint and caution and to at all times, act within the framework of the Constitution and the applicable Laws.”