Champions League postponed till next week


The much-awaited Champions League 2022 and the second-tier competition conducted by Football Sri Lanka (FSL) which was scheduled to kick start today (13), has been postponed to next week due to the prevailing situation in the country, FSL President Jashwar Umar stated.

The Tournament Committee has been forced to push back the events by one week considering the current situation. However, FSL are expecting to commence the tournament by Friday (20) if the situation improves.

Commenting on the postponement, the FSL President said:

“Considering the present situation in the country we have decided to push the tournament back by one week, and if the situation settles by that time, we are confident we can kick start the Champions League by 20 or 21 May.”

After a lapse of three years, 14 teams have been selected to take part this season and will compete against each other on a league format. Each team will play a total of 13 matches and the entire tournament will comprise 91 matches.

Each team will be granted Financial Assistance up to Rs. 2,500,000.00 for the entire season.

The prize money for the Champion team will be Rs. 1 million, while the runner-up will be awarded Rs. 750,000.