UEOA condemns attack on peaceful protesters


The University Executive Officers’ Association (UEOA), issuing a media release, has vehemently condemned the inhuman and despicable attack on peaceful protesters at Temple Trees and the Galle Face by Government sponsored goon squads on 9 May.

They stated that instead of taking measures to resolve the burning issues of the masses, the Government unleashing its goon squads to stifle protesters and crush dissenting voices is both dastardly and unpardonable.

The UEOA stated that henceforth they too will support trade union action instituted by those engaged in the education sector till the Government conducts an impartial and unbiased probe into the blatant attack on protesters and prosecute those responsible for it.

They also urged the Government to promptly take measures to provide relief to the public who are oppressed beyond belief due to a myriad of problems they are faced with.