Suspects still at large – Police


Negombo Police said no arrests have been made following the incident where mobsters attacked a group of residents with sharp objects and set fire to several vehicles in Mahahunupitiya, Negombo on 10 May evening.

According to them, at least four people were injured in the incident and were rushed to the Negombo Hospital. A van, three three-wheelers, eight motorcycles, and five bicycles were set on fire. Meanwhile, residents in the area claimed that following the attack on a leading hotel in Negombo, a certain group supported by an area politician attempted to incite a communal clash. A conflict between two groups erupted in Negombo after a group set fire to the hotel on Monday.

According to Police, another group set fire to the other side of the hotel on 10 May and the mob looted the hotel property.

Later, a group allegedly supported by a local politician attacked houses in the area, accusing residents of involvement in hotel looting. The Police and religious leaders attempted to prevent the mobs from attacking residents and businesses.

However, the mobs had damaged several properties and used sharp objects to attack several shops that were closed at the time. The attack left four people injured. Meanwhile, the religious communities in the area claimed that there were no communal clashes in the area, but an attempt was made by unknown persons to provoke a communal clash.

By Thameenah Razeek