Police ordered to take maximum action


Police Headquarters has directed all Police Stations to take maximum action against those who behave violently and aggressively and to use lawful force, including shooting when necessary.

This was stated in a statement from the Police Media Division.

These measures will be implemented to prevent parking checks by rioters or violent groups in the hope of causing death or looting, as well as to prevent damage to public or private property, robbery, death or serious injury.

Also, curfew imposed at 7 p.m. on Monday (06) will be temporarily lifted at 7 a.m. today and re-imposed at 2p.m.

Meanwhile, Police have identified nearly 60 social media groups and their administrators who are actively promoting violence.

They are being investigated under the Computer Crimes Act and criminal law.

Police said, in a statement, that violent groups were called in using various social media networks and social media groups to inflict casualties in the clashes that occurred on and after 9 May, as well as damage to various properties including houses and vehicles.

Provoking the public or using the Internet or computers to commit acts of violence is a violation of the Computer Crimes Act, which carries a maximum prison sentence of five years, according to Police.

Furthermore, the Police said that those who leaked the information could be found guilty of all offences, including murder and property damage. Furthermore, under the Computer Crimes Act, anyone who commits such an offence, whether in Sri Lanka or elsewhere, will face legal consequences.

The Police said that as a result, the public should be made aware of the content when using or sharing information on social media and the criminal situations that may arise as a result of sharing that information.