Mass Exodus from NedunthivU


The residents of Nedunthivu Island, in the Jaffna District, have begun to flee the area in their numbers, because they are unable to provide for their children and relatives due to the severe economic crisis, sources said.

They said the residents are currently leaving the Island en masse, due to a lack of essentials and transport on the Island.

According to residents, the permanent boat and ferry service to Nedunthivu Island was dispensed with around 90 days ago and they have found it difficult to travel to the Jaffna District since then.

They mentioned that they were forced to use regular boat services to get to the Jaffna District, but that such service was dangerous to their lives.

Sources revealed that the people of Nedunthivu Island have begun to flee in large numbers to the nearby Jaffna town and Kilinochchi District due to factors such as a lack of transportation, unemployment, a lack of medical facilities, a scarcity of educational facilities, and other infrastructure facilities.

These sources also added that due to the current exorbitant price of essential scores of people on the Island had been unable to secure food items and hence they had begun to head to the aforesaid areas in their numbers.

BY Sashi Kumar – Mullaithivu