Australia issues updated travel advisory on SL


Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has urged travellers to reconsider their travel to Sri Lanka, in light of the current crisis.

Issuing an updated travel advisory yesterday (11), the Department raised concerns regarding the ongoing situation in Sri Lanka, shedding light on the curfew and State of Declaration in place.

Full statement:

“We now advise you reconsider your need to travel to Sri Lanka due to the security situation. Several violent incidents have taken place during large demonstrations. Avoid demonstrations and events that draw large groups. Follow the advice of local authorities and monitor the media for updates. A Public Emergency has been declared in Sri Lanka and an island wide curfew imposed. Carry relevant travel and identification documents with you at all times. Public demonstrations continue to occur throughout Sri Lanka. They can also lead to disruptions to traffic and public transport. You may experience disruption to fuel supply and planned, lengthy power outages. Import delays may impact your ability to access some medicines and food items.”