TUC calls for Prison Chief’s arrest


The Trade Union Coalition (TUC) called for the arrest of the Commissioner of Prisons immediately, alleging that prison inmates had been used in the attacks on peaceful protesters outside Temple Trees and at Galle Face.

Joint Convener of the Coalition, Ravi Kumudesh, demanded the immediate arrest of the Prisons Commissioner, following claims that inmates from the Watareka Prison too, had been deployed on Monday (9), to attack MynaGoGama and GotaGoGama.

The TUC held a joint token protest in front of the Fort Railway Station yesterday (10) morning, following which they marched to Galle Face in support of GotaGoGama. He also called for the arrest of former Premier Mahinda Rajapaksa for instigating the attack on the unarmed protestors.

“The law should also be enforced against local government politicians for using the power given to them by the State to deceive innocent people.

We also demand that the defunct local government bodies being maintained with public funds which only deal blows to those very people be made non-operational,” he urged.