Successive Govts have unleashed violence against people – Wiggy


On the incident on 9 May in which pro-government protesters gathered at Temple Trees and attacked people who had been peacefully protesting for the past 30 days on the streets is reminiscent of the State terrorism perpetrated on the Tamil people over the past 65 years by successive governments “Therefore, Tamil people should stay away from these incidents and be very vigilant,” noted Thamil Makkal Kootany (TMK)  Leader MP C.V. Wigneswaran.

The MP said the Government must take full responsibility for the attacks on the peaceful protesters.

“Successive governments have unleashed violence against the Tamil people who have been fighting for their rights. This is what later pushed the Tamil people into armed struggle. Similarly, the violence perpetrated by the Government today is a further incitement to violence, with the help of thugs and Police who are attacking innocent people who are peacefully protesting for their rights to food, fuel and medicine.

The Government must take responsibility for yesterday’s incident. I have no doubt as to how the Government has so far argued that it was not involved in any of the massacres against the Tamil people, and that it has nothing to do with yesterday’s incidents shown on all media. 

He alleged that the sudden introduction of the Emergency Law and the Curfew Act raises the question whether a military government can be brought in to beat and torture the people. “I suspect that steps are being taken to establish a violent government by using the term ‘terrorists’ to describe the Tamil people as terrorists and incite violence against them as well as the Sinhalese people. So the Tamil people should be very vigilant,” he stressed. 

By Sulochana Ramiah Mohan