President, Govt must take blame – JVP


JVP General Secretary Tilvin Silva demanded that the Security Forces immediately arrest and prosecute former Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa and all those involved in the barbaric attack on peaceful protesters.

“They did not hold a farewell party at Temple Tress for the former PM. They brought all the SLPP thugs to Temple Trees on the pretext of a meeting. The responsibility of this whole incident must be borne by President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and the Government,” he stressed.

“They had clubs and poles. Mahinda Rajapaksa provoked the attendees.His associates who spoke in the meeting added fuel to the fire.Following this, they went to MynaGoGama and GotaGoGama and attacked peaceful protesters.The Police looked on. Water cannons and tear gas were not used to disperse them.It was a well-planned attack.They wanted to boast that the people chased away protesters from Galle Face and Temple Trees.The public, who were enraged, responded. Mahinda Rajapaksa led this barbaric attack.This is not a simple matter,”Wasantha Samarasinghe asserted.

He told the Media yesterday (10) that the JVP strongly condemns the murderous Rajapaksa regime’s attack on unarmed civilians near Temple Trees and Galle Face.

“We emphasise that the most just struggle being waged by the people throughout the country to oust the oppressive Rajapaksa clan, including Gotabaya Rajapaksa, cannot be stopped by intimidation and by these mob attacks,” he said.

The JVP urged all forces involved in the struggle not to allow the struggle to escalate into violence, as the Gotabaya Rajapaksa regime is seeking an opportunity to suppress this peaceful and islandwide struggle by imposing a State of Emergency.

By Aloka Kasturiarachchi