Impact of current situ on children worries SLCP


The Sri Lanka College of Paediatricians (SLCP) expressed its deep concern over the impact of the current situation on the children of the country.

President and Secretary of the SLCPI, Prof. Sharman Rajindrajith and Dr. Channa de Silva said yesterday (10) that the SLCPI’s concerns were especially with regard to its short and long-term impact on the country’s children. “The professional academic organisation of all the child specialists in Sri Lanka, is deeply concerned and totally condemns the current situation that has developed in the country,” they noted.

They vehemently condemned the Monday (9) brutal attacks targeting the unarmed and peaceful protesters near Temple Trees, the official residence of the Prime Minister and then at the Presidential Secretariat at the Galle Face, by an organised mob of local politicians and their supporters which triggered a massive wave of cross- country violence.

“The country’s children have just completed more than two years of significantly-adverse circumstances due to the Covid-19 pandemic and to compound this situation, they are now becoming victims of the current economic crisis and political instability of the country,” Prof. Rajindrajith and
Dr. Silva lamented adding that they were now being made victims or eye witnesses of ruthless violence taking place throughout the country.

This chain of adverse events will be detrimental to the Sri Lankan children, to whom the future of this country belongs. “We firmly believe that people should have the lawful right to express their displeasure against the government, or any party for that matter, in a democratic background,” they observed.

Unlawful interventions by politically -motivated despicable individuals should be stopped by the law immediately.

Similarly, other than in self-defence, malicious destruction of life, property and vandalism by any person or group of persons was condemnable. 

“We would like to earnestly urge the parents and caregivers “never to take children to protest campaigns. Such activities invariably endanger their lives due to potential emergence of violence at these sites that could result in injuries directly caused by arms and ammunition, as well as physical damage caused by stampedes, etc,” they pointed out, observing that in addition, it was most likely to cause significant psychological trauma to children who were exposed to such unfortunate adverse events.

The President and Secretary of the College said they were morally obliged to emphasise that at this crucial juncture, it was the responsibility of all Sri Lankans, including the government and all related parties, to act promptly to find short, medium and long-term solutions to the current crisis. “This should be a providence-driven opportunity to unite all political parties and the populace of our country, without any regard whatsoever to class, creed, race, ethnicity, as well as political alignments,” they noted adding that it should be done with utmost urgency, in consideration of the future of the children.